I Missed the Potty.

       I wish I could have been there. Then again, maybe I don’t. Just a picture would have been nice. Hmmmm… no, a simple narrative was definitely best. My youngest son, Aaron, is so resourceful. One day last week, Vanessa called me at work and told me a story that still has me laughing today. Allow me to share:

       In the middle of the day, Aaron came down the stairs with just a shirt and underwear on – a rather normal occurrence in our home, really. Vanessa noticed that his underwear had been changed, so she asked why. He said, “I was using the bathroom, and I missed the potty.” Once again, a normal occurrence in our home – if you have boys, you understand. Almost reflexively my wife asked, “Did you get it on the floor?” To which Aaron replied, “Yes ma’am – just a little bit.” So Vanessa really didn’t think anything about it. She decided she would go up there later on and clean it up.

       Not too much later, Ethan used the bathroom (in their bathroom), came downstairs and said, “Mommy, our bathroom stinks!” She decided she would go clean it before it made the entire upstairs uninhabitable. As she’s walking up the stairs, she almost loses it over the rancidity. She walks in the bathroom to see two separate little pieces of toilet paper lying on the floor covering a dual surprise. Yeah, that’s right… Aaron hadn’t missed while going “number 1.” He missed while going “number 2.” GROSS!!! <– There, I said it for you. There were two pieces of excrement lying on the bathroom floor with a single strand of toilet paper gently covering each. My son – again – so resourceful.

       I imagine you have the same question I had after I recomposed myself and recuperated from the splitting pain in my side wrought by incessant laughter: “How do you ‘miss’ the potty while going number 2?” Friends, the world may never know.

       “Tony, are you going to form this into an analogy that exemplifies a scriptural truth?” I must admit that I’m tempted. In fact, as I began to write this blog, I had every intention of doing just that. But I think this one can just stand on its own. Hard to follow that act.

Grace and Peace,

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  1. March 1, 2011 at 4:41 PM

    U can't "cover" your sins or ugliness…Impurities will always find their way out…..ok..I'll stop 🙂

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