Date-Night Houston and Help for Marriages

Last Thursday, I had the great privilege of sitting around a breakfast table with two other ministers in my area who are sold out to the Lord, and adamant about protecting, preserving, and promoting healthy, biblical marriage. These guys are joining in coalition with a multitude of other pastors and churches in the greater Houston area for this cause. “Date Night Houston” is the organization established to this purpose – it is a group of interdenominational Christian leaders who are organizing and promoting in their churches and communities several different events, programs, and seminars that teach and encourage biblical marriage. If you have not heard of Date-Night Houston, I challenge you to check them out by following this link below. In February 2011, Tim Hawkins will be the guest entertainer/speaker at the Date-Night Houston event. Non-Houstonians may also find on this website a link to a Date-Night event close to you.

Date-Night Houston

Another great resource for you, struggling married couple or couple considering marriage, is Brett Hurst’s ministry, “Home Encouragement.” Bret is a down-to-earth man with a passion for Christ and for investing in marriages. Hearing his heart and his vision last week was such a privilege, and a huge inspiration and encouragement to me personally. He and his wife Kellie are Christian marriage counselors and have a lot to offer any marriage in distress, or any couple entertaining the idea of marriage. To read more about their ministry or to ask for more information, please follow the link below to their website:

Home Encouragement


Just wanted to offer some tangible resources for you today. I pray you’ll find them as uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring as I have.

Grace and Peace,


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