There Are No Children Here

My two boys just started school in Lovelady two days ago. One is in third grade and the other in Kindergarten. They really are great kids. I know, I know… I’m biased. But still. They are such great kids. Love ’em. I am already very impressed with the standards, procedures, and policies of our new school. Our old one was really great too, but you just never know what you’re stepping into. Vanessa and I read over Lovelady’s student handbook and policy manual and were very encouraged by what we saw.

Recently, the Obama administration along with our national Department of Education put together a team of well-decorated individuals with lots and lots of letters after their names, who decided for us that we should be discussing a national standard for sex education in public schools. As the father of two young boys, nothing scares me more than the national government telling my children what to believe about sex and sexuality.  You can download a PDF of the proposed national standards for sex education in public schools by following this link. Among the standards listed are these:

By the end of the 2nd grade, students should be able to: Use proper names for body parts, including male and female anatomy. (AP.2.CC.1)

By the end of the 5th grade, students should be able to: Define sexual orientation as the romantic attraction of an individual to someone of the same gender or a different gender. (ID.5.CC.1)

By the end of the 5th grade, students should be able to: Describe the process of human reproduction. (PR.5.CC.1)

Now these standards are, as of now, only proposed by our national government. They are not yet mandatory. However, there is a clear message as to where the US Department of Education and the liberal machine want to lead our children in learning about sexuality.

When I first read of these proposed standards, it immediately brought to mind a book by Alex Kotlowitz, published in the early 90’s: There Are No Children Here. Aside from some minor offensive language, the book is a powerful non-fiction account of two young boys growing up in the ghettos of Chicago. (If you wish, click here and purchase the book from Lafayette and Pharaoh, the two boys, see their friends die at the gun barrel of gang violence. They hear of friends getting girls pregnant at very young ages. Their brother is a drug-dealer, their father, absent, and their mother LaJoe depends on them for her own emotional well-being – a heavy burden no child should ever be forced to bear. Mr. Kotlowitz (the author) actually spent many years with the family documenting and interviewing. At one point he asks LaJoe about the “children,” and she says, “There are no children here.”

Wow… There are no children here. Are we creating a generation of un-children? 1st and 2nd graders identifying the sexual reproductive organs of each gender, and 5th graders being forced to accept homosexuality as a morally acceptable lifestyle? 4th and 5th graders learning how sex works? I thought children in elementary school would be learning how to do math, science, and grammar. I thought grade-school children would be exercising penmanship and memorizing significant historical events. I thought 5-11 year old children would be mapping out the states in our great nation, learning capitals, and discussing topography and climatological conditions/tendencies of various world regions. I thought our young children would be playing on the playground at recess and learning social do’s and don’t’s by process of interaction – failures and successes together. But apparently, according to the US Government, there are no children here.

Jesus says, in Matthew 18:

“Whoever causes the downfall of one of these little ones who believe in Me-it would be better for him if a heavy millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the depths of the sea! Woe to the world because of offenses. For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes.” (Mt. 18:6-7, HCSB)

Discretionary Side Note: Jesus did not say to take those individuals to a bridge, tie a rock around their necks, and drown them. He said that between the two options ( [A] causing a young one to fall/trip spiritually or [B] drowning), having drowned would be the better option – because it would only have been the drowner who suffers, not having lead the children astray as well. 

The Greek word Jesus used for “offenses” is skandalone. It is the word from which we get the English words “scandal” and “scandalous.” A skandalone is a trap, or a snare… purposefully set in someone’s way with the intent of tripping them up. Spiritually, it is like an impediment placed in someone’s spiritual pathway that will cause them to sin or to fall. Need I go on?

Are we tripping up our children by placing these kinds of stumbling blocks in the way of their spiritual and moral development? Are we impeding their progression toward a healthy biblical worldview? Are we robbing our children of being children?

Or maybe… maybe there are no children here.

Grace and Peace,


  One thought on “There Are No Children Here

  1. March 23, 2012 at 6:17 PM

    Well, from the far fringes of the earth, I think some “national standards” are needed, for exactly the same reaons the same arguments were made 50 years ago. Parents are not doing their jobs. Don’t blame government for that! They have enough screwups. It is the opinion of this old man that the issue would not even be an issue if parents had been doing their jobs in the first place.

  2. Joe
    March 24, 2012 at 5:41 PM

    Point well made Tony. The government is not God. While I will agree with Leslie that parents are failing to accept the responsibility of educating children, this does not validate the governments assumption of that role – any more so than does me failing to make my mortgage payment imply that the government should make it for me.

    The government desires to control how people think en masse, and the more we allow the goverment to control the way we think, the more we will allow them to make decisions for us, the less individualism we have, the fewer rights we have, and soon the nation as a whole has lost it’s foundation of freedom all together.

  3. March 24, 2012 at 9:13 PM

    Les, of course I don’t blame the government for parents who do not “do their jobs,” as you put it. But I agree with Joe that the abdication by parents to teach their children appropriate measures of sex and sexuality in no way should permit the government to do it for them. The difficult question that must be addressed in setting “national standards” is… Who’s standards? Mine? Yours? President Obama’s? If the national standards being set were that we should (A) advocate abstinence as the only 100% effective method of ending unwanted pregnancy, (B) that PARENTS should educate their children on sex and sexuality when they believe the timing and age is appropriate, and (C) that the practice of homosexuality is an abomination to God, then I might be inclined to accept them. But then the new generation would come and establish a new set of “standards,” and then the next, and the next… ad nauseum… This proposed national standard is not about protecting our children’s sexual purity. It is about raising a generation that conform to the contemporary liberal left’s standards and belief system.

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