Haiti Diary Monday Night

Today was a day of mixed emotions, but God definitely pulled us all together in the end. The VBS team at Lone had some trouble with the location’s leadership. He shut down the camp and sent the kids home about 30 minutes into the morning’s activities. But our wonderful crew of workers kept their eyes on Jesus and ministered to the 210 children who came to hear about Jesus. They will be allowed back at that location only Thursday this week, but are counting it as a God-given opportunity to invest in the lives of those precious children. Most of our collected school supplies will be going directly to these children at Lone, who are very much in need of it. I cannot wait to see the smile on their faces.

The other VBS group had an excellent first day at the location in Petion ville. With over 100 children, the day went very smoothly thanks to our wonderful translators and volunteer workers. They are truly a gifted group of people with a huge heart for The Lord Jesus. Today we learned about the rebirth – or becoming a child of the King – from the John 3 story of Jesus and Nicodemus. Tomorrow we will talk about growth – or discipleship – using the parable of the sower and the seed.

Today was Pastor Mitchell Kleckley’s birthday so tonight we all went out on a very special birthday celebration Haiti-style. Details will not do the experience justice. But let’s just say it involved a bunch of Americans and Haitians in the back if a pickup truck soaking wet and having way to much fun for a Monday night. There may have also been some delicious dessert and birthday-boy dancing involved. More on that later (and videos too). 🙂

Please pray for us tomorrow as we begin the Pastors and Church Leadership training seminar. Haitians are coming from hours away to attend and we are praying that The Lord would use us mightily for their spiritual growth and practical ministry development. Tomorrow the pastors will be going through Old Testament Narrative, learning how to study and prepare sermons. The church leaders in training tomorrow are deacons. Irv Atkinson will be leading that seminar, along with my Dad, Jim Wolfe.

Even with the unexpected difficulties and frustrations today, God has proven Himself faithful and sovereign. As Pastor Kenny reminded us tonight, even this will work together for our good… Because we love The Lord and are called according to His purposes. May God be highly praised!

Grace and Peace,

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    July 9, 2013 at 9:03 AM

    We are praying for you. Trini

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