Haiti Diary Tuesday Night

Every day in Haiti requires flexibility. This morning the whole team was at the Petion ville location where we had the privilege to teach 120+ children, 52 church leaders, and 22 pastors.

Children learned about growth (discipleship) as a child of the King. In Luke 2:40, the Bible says that Jesus, when He was a child, grew up and became strong, filled with wisdom, and God’s grace was on Him. As children of the King, we too can grow in our knowledge of and relationship to God. They played some fun games, sang some really fun songs, and made some cool crafts. The children are so wonderful and are like little sponges soaking up everything That is said. They love to hug on us and play with our hair. 🙂

Irv Atkinson and Jim Wolfe did deacon training today and had some very interesting (and very culturally relevant!) conversation. Irv got through most of his presentation, but a great discussion broke out covering salvation by faith not works, an “age of accountability,” how to share the gospel, finances in the church, and learning to appreciate and follow your pastor. Pastor Kenny stepped in after lunch and led another 1.5 hr. discussion on those topics. I am thankful to be serving with a group of men who listen to the Holy Spirit and are willing to be flexible, following His lead so that we can minister to the people at their place of need… Not just what we were planning to do.

The pastor training was wonderful as well. A great discussion broke out early on about the sovereignty of God and human free will. Today’s topic was “Preaching Old Testament Narrative.” After a while we concluded that regardless of the many variant beliefs we could agree on three fundamental truths: 1) man’s sin is the problem. 2) Jesus Christ is the answer. And 3) the whole Bible testifies to Jesus Christ. From there, everything went on as planned. We studied 2 Samuel 12:1-15, made an outline together and learned about main thoughts, transitional statements, and key statements in sermon preparation and delivery. After lunch I actually preached the sermon to them as they followed along in their notes. They were very thankful for the training and said they got some good ideas from it. It is my prayer that God uses this to make us all better stewards of his word.

Tomorrow, tropical storm Chantal will be shutting down our efforts. We are not expected to get violent weather but runoff from heavy rain is a big problem here considering their methods of transportation and the poor construction of roads. So we will use tomorrow to prepare for Thursday and Friday. But as Pastor Kenny keeps reminding us: God’s plan is best. He knows what He is doing, and many times we have to be willing to let go of our plans to jump on board with what he is doing. Amen.

In other news… There have been several one-on-one conversations about the gospel involving members of our team. Pastor Mitchell in particular is still working on a young man whom God definitely has put in his path. He is from Israel, staying at the same guest house as us, and Mitchell came from Texas… And they met in Haiti so that God would give him the chance to share the gospel! Please pray for Mitchell as he is continually faithful to tell this young man about The Lord. Also please be in prayer for a number of other relationships that are building this week for the same purpose. I am so very thankful that God has put this team together according to His grand design.

Grace and Peace,

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