Haiti Diary Wednesday Night

The storm ended up taking a turn south and west of us today, so we did not get the rain or high winds expected last night. Praise be to God! And we all feel good that the kids and leaders were able to be at home with their families just in case the storm had blown through as expected. Since one of our locations is up in the mountains and not easily accessible, this morning we rescheduled our last day at Lone from tomorrow to Saturday. Lord willing, we will be able to get up the mountain safely and minister to and bless those children with the love of Jesus.

We used the morning to pack school supplies into backpacks/bags for the kids at both locations, and to make some crafts to give to them all. As we were packing I was overwhelmed by the amount of supplies donated. So many of you took your time and resources to give to these children and it will be such an honor to hand out to them this great symbol of your love in the name of Jesus. We passed the time singing songs and hymns in English and Creole. The singing is one thing I believe none of us will ever forget.

This afternoon several of us had a 3 1/2 hour discussion about the spiritual needs of Haiti, and how they are not so different than the spiritual needs of our country. The same general things we struggle with in the States are struggles here too, just on a different level, and with different variations. These conversations help bond us together and strengthen our resolve to reach the world for Christ… Not Justin Haiti, but even in our own back yards.

Tonight we all gathered and watched the movie Courageous together. We even had some visitors from other mission groups and Wall’s guests and workers who stayed to watch. What an excellent reminder of our call to live courageous, Christ-centered lives for the sake of our children and their children after them. Reflecting on this team who has given up so much to come and serve God in Haiti this week, I am blessed by the courage they have shown and are showing… Braving difficulty and boldly stepping into the unknown for a whole week so that they can tell children and adults about the Savior… Laying down their comfort and their own resources to invest in the lives of church leaders and pastors for kingdom purposes… Letting go and trusting God… These are truly kingdom people.

Please pray for the team tomorrow as we return to Petion ville to continue the VBS there, and also continue to train pastors and church leaders. Pastor Mitchell will be training youth workers and Jim Wolfe will be teaching Pastors about preaching the Gospels. Yesterday’s training seminars were very successful and it quickly became obvious that God was using us for His glory. These beautiful men and women of God are hungry for the Word and are longing to know how to effectively serve God in their own ministry contexts. What a privilege it is to minister to them and encourage them in their calling.

Pray for us!

Grace and Peace,

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