Haiti Diary Saturday Night

Our last day in Haiti was a long, productive day… But it comes bittersweet. We are all excited to see our families tomorrow night back in the states, but realize that we are leaving behind a new family here in Haiti as well.

Today we all travelled up the mountain to the city of Lone. 25 Haitians and Americans piled on top of suitcases full of school supplies, and boxes full of groceries in a somewhat flat-bed 4-wheel drive truck for over an hour drive each way. About 225 children showed up today in the “middle of nowhere” to hear about Jesus Christ, eat what was probably the best two meals they have had in a very long time, learn new games, sing great songs, and make some wonderful crafts. The children were very well behaved, and were a blessing to work with. While talking with some of the locals today we discovered something interesting about their family situations. In this rural area, there are very few (if any) fathers involved in the children’s lives. By the time a young woman knows she is pregnant, she has usually been sexually active with 5-10 different partners, and there is no way to tell who the father is. It is not at all uncommon here for young teenage girls to have 3 or 4 children. The children in this area are most obviously desperate for the love and affection that you and I take for granted every day of our lives.

While most of the team was working in Lone, several of us hiked about an hour away across the mountain to an area only accessible on foot. In this small rural city of St. Phare, there is an orphanage with abut 15-25 children, whose living conditions are less than sub-par. Most of the children themselves were at our camp in Lone, but we met the pastor’s daughter who showed us around the facilities. We were happy to leave with her 34 crocheted and knitted dolls for the children as well as a love gift of $100 USD to use for the children. Special thanks to our brothers and sisters of New Chapel Hill Baptist Church in West Monroe, LA for making this possible. I know the orphan children were overjoyed when they saw that we had made the hike to their home and left gifts for them to enjoy. While we were hiking we went a little further and met with a pastor in another town across the mountain. He is also the schoolmaster (as most pastors in rural areas are) in his town. His classes have an 80/1 student-teacher ratio. And 60/100 of his students passed the state exam last week! He is a wonderful man of God with a heart for his people. After we got back to the camp location, Pastor Kenny and my Dad were privileged to travel to a home close by and share the gospel with a woman there. She understood the message, and Pastor Kenny says he believes se made the decision to follow Christ today. The Pastor of Lone said that he had been working on her for 3 years! What a joy to be used of God in such a special way!

When we leave here tomorrow, we will carry in our hearts the relationships we have built with so many. Ruth Lindor and her team, Guillaume, Alexson, Veniel and his staff at the Wall’s Guest House, and of course, our brothers and sisters from Pastor Kenny’s church… and so many more!!! I am so proud of Pastor Kenny and count it a true honor to consider him not only a brother in Christ, but a friend like no other. Our plane leaves from Port au Prince at 9:55 am tomorrow, and we hope to be back in Lovelady by 8 or 8:30 pm (Central Time). I cannot imagine a better group of people to have worked with this week. They have left it all behind to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness… And to share with Haiti the love that God has placed in their hearts for The Lord Jesus Christ. So… Very… Blessed.

Grace and peace,

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