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ABCers are working long hours right now in preparation for Agency D3 Vacation Bible School (VBS), July 7-11 this year. But with so much work, and so many resources devoted to this one-week program for kids, is it all really worth it? Allow me to offer 5 reasons VBS is one of our most valuable ministry efforts each year…


1. The Great Commission. On average, 70,000-80,000 children and adults enter a personal relationship with Jesus Christ each year because of Vacation Bible Schools. We have seen so many in our own church receive Christ during VBS week, and many more who have come to salvation by a residual effect of this week-long ministry. Many ABCers in our pews week by week were saved during a VBS at some church, somewhere. Taking the Gospel to lost people in a way that connects with them is our first priority as a church. And VBS is a very effective tool toward that end.

2. Church unity and volunteer ministry. No other week during the year will see such a large number, and wide spectrum of ABCers volunteering together toward a common goal. Old and young come together during VBS every year to be the hands and feet of Jesus. This week promotes unity and common ministry like no other week during the year.

3. Discipleship. Children who are already saved, and those who are very young are saturated with biblical truth every day for a week, and go home singing Scripture-songs they will remember for decades to come. Talk about “Hiding God’s Word in their hearts” (Ps. 119:11) …

4. Outreach. Kingdom connections are made, not only with kids, but with parents, and other workers. Every year at VBS, workers make meaningful connections with the unchurched in our own community because they are actually coming in our doors – not just the kids, but their parents and grandparents too! How often does that happen?

5. Leaders are born. One of the major impending crises in established churches today is the constant need for Godly, biblical leaders to rise up from within. Come to ABC’s VBS this year and you’ll see scores of “everyday people” developing/practicing teaching, ministry, shepherding, administration, and many other forms of leadership skills. It would be interesting to know what percentage of Sunday School and Bible Study teachers today were active participants in VBS’s when they were a child, and when they were first developing leadership abilities. I am willing to bet the number would be astronomical.


I hope this year you’ll look for the ministry behind the work, asking God to open your eyes to the countless benefits and blessings that VBS will bring to Antioch Baptist Church. I have to get up and get moving now. I’ve got work to do! I’m preparing to “Discover, Decide, and Defend” the truth of God’s Word this year in VBS! Hope I’ll see you here!

Grace and Peace,

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  1. Anonymous
    June 28, 2014 at 9:07 AM

    Thanks Tony for your words. GOD used VBS years ago to draw me to Himself. I am very thankful to those that volunteer to invest in a child’s life….praying for a harvest!

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