Campfire Reflections


In John 18, it was a campfire much like this one where Peter stood warming himself after Jesus had been taken away by the chief priests and soldiers… in a ridiculous display of injustice that would eventually lead to His execution on the infamous apparatus of Roman torture we call a “cross.” Peter had assured Jesus that he would give his very life for the wellbeing of his Lord. Yet here he stood – ashamed that he had allowed Jesus to be taken. And what’s worse, here around the fire Peter denied even knowing the Man. Three times. Peter felt like a failure. A deserter. He had defected.

As I sit around this fire tonight, God’s Word reminds me of how many times I’ve failed my Lord today. I wish it were only three. Sometimes as I reflect on my own unfaithfulness to God, I feel like a failure. A deserter. Defected.

But thank God there was another campfire after Jesus’ victorious resurrection – the resurrection which turned that infamous apparatus of Roman torture into a symbol of victory and triumph for all who believe. This campfire is in John 21. Around this one, Jesus gave Peter the opportunity to declare his love again. Three times.

“Do you love Me, Peter?”
“Do you love me, Peter?”
“Do you love me, Peter?”

What a gracious Savior is ours. The fire tonight convicts me of sin… But it also brings healing to my soul. Instead of gazing upon a dead Savior hanging on a cross, I have the great joy of owning a personal relationship with Him – The Resurrected, Living Lord of All. His Word brings conviction even to the strongest of men. But it also brings forgiveness and grace to those who love Him.

Grace and Peace,

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