Prayer for Spiritual Awakening

“Lord, I have heard the report about You; Lord, I stand in awe of Your deeds. Revive Your work in these years; make it known in these years. In Your wrath, remember mercy!” (Habakkuk 3:2, HCSB)

The prophet was faced with the immanent destruction of his people. The Chaldeans were on their doorsteps, preparing to lay waste to the nation that God had once blessed as a chosen and prized possession. What went wrong? How did we get here? How did we end up at the hand of God’s wrath when our nation was born at the hand of His favor? How did we come so far from justice and righteousness?

“This is why the law is ineffective and justice never emerges. For the wicked restrict the righteous; therefore, justice comes out perverted,” (1:4).

I’m no Habakkuk, but with just a cursory look one can surmise that 21st Century America seems to be dancing on the fingertips of God’s wrath. Righteousness is choked out by evil. Wickedness spreads. Hatred is rampant. The rule of law is ignored. Justice comes out perverted. It is long past time that believers in Jesus begin to cry out to God for a spiritual awakening in our day. God’s Spirit is not sleeping, but it seems that we are.

Wake up, church. Celebrations of God’s mercy and favor in our yesterdays are not sufficient to carry us through today. We’ve heard about Great Awakenings. We’ve read the books. We’ve contemplated the mighty movements of God’s Spirit in our past – stood in awe of His works. But like the prophet Habakkuk, we need to be crying out to God that He would revive His work in these years. As watchmen on the wall, staring into the armies of evil that are quickly approaching, believers need to be about the daily business of begging for God’s mercy and grace. A fresh move of His Spirit. Repentance. Favor. Blessing.

Have you spent time on your face before God today, pleading for His mercy and favor on our country? Have you labored in prayer today for a spiritual awakening?

Grace and Peace,

Dr. Tony Wolfe

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