Reaching Young Families Conference

Did you know that Millenials (born 1981-1995) are the most unreached generation in our culture today? Did you know that they are also the largest generation segment in our population? Did you know that they are the most globalized/informational generation yet to emerge in our culture? Did you know that they are open to spiritual conversations, and are hungry for the authentic community that Jesus’s church promises?

I am honored to be taking part in the SBTC’s & BiStone Baptist Association’s Reaching Young Families Conference at FBC Mexia, TX Saturday, September 17. This conference is open to all pastors, church leaders, and volunteers. My contribution will come from the pastoral-leadership side of things. I’ll be focusing mostly on the mindset of Millennials, what makes them tick, and how you can leverage these things to reach them for Christ and disciple them in the faith (browse the brochure below to see the complete list of ministry topics to be highlighted in all breakout sessions). In addition to the breakout sessions, I have the great privilege of delivering the keynote address during the large-group gathering at 9:15am.

If you are a pastor, church leader, or church volunteer in the area I sure hope you’ll consider registering for and attending this conference (call 254-562-5576 for more info). I’m praying that God will edify, enlighten, and empower His churches through it.

Yours in Christ,




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