Revival in Grapeland, TX

When Revival Falls

If you’re in the East TX area the week of March 26-29, I’d love to see you at Grapeland Baptist Church for four nights of revival services. I’ll be preaching a series from the first 4 Chapters of Acts, “When Revival Falls.” We’ll look at the New Testament Church being missional, prayerful, evangelistic, and generous, as the Holy Spirit filled them with His presence and power. I sure hope you are able to attend one or more nights of these revival services. And I ask that you begin now to pray in expectation that the Holy Spirit would move mightily… that instead of just going to revival, we might actually experience revival, and that Jesus’s church would be edified and empowered because of it, toward a renewed gospel focus.

See you in Grapeland!

Grapeland Baptist Church
505 Spivey Rd
Grapeland, TX 75844

Grace and Peace,

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