Workers Ahead: Dads Building Homes


Living in Fort Worth, TX, where things are always under construction but never fully constructed, I’ve learned to accept the good news and the bad news of I-35W.

The bad news: traffic fines double when workers are present.
The good news: workers are never present.

As a Dad, my home is always under construction but never fully constructed. Just when we think the pavement is smooth and the lines have been drawn, potholes and patchwork pop up in other areas. Just when we finish building one bridge, another needs attention or collapses altogether. My home is always under construction, and I pray what is true of I-35W is never true of us. Rather, that Vanessa and I would be ever attentive to the work of building our home—sleeves rolled up, boots ready and eyes/ears alert to dangers that threaten the spiritual and physical safety of our children.

But as hard as we work to make our home a safe and well-constructed environment, we realize that we are only the hired hands, laboring at the pleasure of the Master-Builder.

“Unless the Lord builds a house, its builders labor over it in vain,” (Ps.127:1a)

Jesus said as much to conclude His Sermon on the Mount, in Matthew 7:24-27. A house built on the shifting sands of cultural trends and godless philosophies is doomed for wreckage. But the home that is built on the Word of God will find its foundation unshakable, unmovable and unbreakable through even the most treacherous of storms.

Vanessa and I have found that the truths of God’s Word are timeless in building our home. He has laid the foundation and given us the blueprints. We’re working to construct our home after His masterful design. Our work is not without its complications. We often read the plans wrongly, or are forced to work around unexpected setbacks. Sometimes our work is slowed because of the evil around us, and other times our work is slowed because of the evil within us. We are hired hands, far from perfect. But one thing will be true of the Wolfe home: workers are always present.

Is God the Master-Builder of your home?
If so, are there workers ahead?

Grace and Peace,

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