While In Crete (Book Release)

A pastorless season in a church is one of the most vulnerable seasons of congregational life. It is not uncommon that a convergence of power plays, relational tensions, disorganization, spiritual immaturity, disunity, inconsistency, poor communication and much more might distract the congregation’s focus away from its Great Commission priority. A church in pastoral transition needs an interim leader with biblical conviction, strategic influence, and a shepherd’s heart.

In While in Crete, Dr. Wolfe offers a faithful biblical exposition of the New Testament book of Titus, with illustration and application focused on the interim pastorate. He draws on years of personal experience in both serving as an interim pastor and training interim pastors to compliment biblical principles with practical advice.

“A church in pastoral transition needs an interim leader with biblical conviction, strategic influence, and a shepherd’s heart.”

Dr. Tony Wolfe has done us a great service in putting together a simple and practical guide for strong and effective interim pastors. If every interim pastor will read this and apply it, more of our churches will thrive during their pastoral transition and bring glory to God. We will recommend that all interim pastors serving Hawaii Pacific Baptist churches will read this before they begin.

Dr. Craig Webb
Assistant Executive Director, Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention. Content Editor, Lifeway’s Deacon Magazine.

My friend and colleague, Dr. Tony Wolfe, has written an invaluable guide for anyone who feels called to the interim or Transitional Pastor ministry. Having done a dozen interims myself, I can attest firsthand that this material is both biblical and practical. I highly recommend this book to anyone in the interim pastor ministry.

Dr. J. Marcus Merritt
Vice President, Southern Church Consulting. Director of Advancement & Student Recruitment and Asst. Professor of Pastoral Ministry, Luther Rice Seminary.

Dr. Tony Wolfe combines the wisdom of Scripture and a practical application for the 21st Century to equip interim pastors for their role. This book will guide those who seek to serve during a church’s most vulnerable time. Even if you are a pastor, the “how to” from biblical principles will assist you in your current assignment. Everyone can benefit from the insight found in these pages. Read it and be blessed.

Dr. Jim Richards
Executive Director Emeritus, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

Great expectations await an interim pastor when he assumes the leadership of a pastorless church. Some churches require his help to solve problems that occurred prior to his arrival. Others want him to comfort them in the untimely departure of their beloved, previous shepherd. Almost, if not all, of them expect him to assist them in their search for a new pastor. What is an interim pastor to do? Dr. Tony Wolfe draws from his experience as a vocational pastor, associate minister, interim pastor, and denominational leader to answer this question and many others in While in Crete. If you are called to serve in the role of an interim pastor, or you are a member of a church seeking one, this book is the perfect resource for you.

Dr. Matt Queen
Professor and L. R. Scarborough Chair of Evangelism (“The Chair of Fire”) and Associate Dean, Roy J. Fish School of Evangelism and Missions, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dr. Wolfe does a great job distinguishing the difference between the hero who is trying to rack up more home runs, and the hero- maker who is teeing the next guy up for success. This Titus model helped me to grasp the important distinctions between my current role as interim pastor and my former role as senior pastor. This nuts-and-bolts book could not have come at a better time as I have just begun my second interim pastorate.

Dr. Mark Dance
Director of Pastoral Development, Oklahoma Baptists.

In While in Crete, Wolfe offers the best biblical exposition on the ministry of the interim pastor I’ve ever seen. This book is expositional in its content, encouraging in its demeanor, and efficient in its method, not to mention rooted in experience. What a blessing this book is to the pastorless church and its interim pastor .

Dr. Jared Wellman
Senior Pastor, Tate Springs Baptist Church Arlington, TX.

I only had a brief tenure as an interim pastor, but in reality, all pastors are interim pastors––we leave for another church, retire, or are sent packing because we dared to change the color of the carpet! Whether you are an interim pastor by vocation or realize you will only be one of many pastors in the history of the churches you serve, this book is for you. Saturated in Scripture, While in Crete focuses on the main things interim pastors must have as their focus as they transition a church from one pastor to the next. It is readable and accessible, sure, but more than that, it is like a friend to guide you along the way as a transitional pastor.

Dr. Matt Henslee
Associational Mission Strategist, Collin Baptist Association (TX).

If there is an attempt by the gates of Hades to prevail upon the church in her normative state when a pastor is leading and feeding the flock entrusted to him, how much more so will the enemy attack when a local church is in a vulnerable state with no shepherd to protect the flock? It is during this season when a church needs a trained leader following biblical principles to navigate her through this time of being susceptible to chaos and confusion. This book puts forth a very clear, concise, and compelling reason why the interim pastor needs to be well-equipped for this sensitive transition period. It is a must read for anyone desiring the stewardship of being an interim pastor.

Dr. Jeff Lynn
Senior Strategist for Church Health and Leadership, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

My friend, Dr. Tony Wolfe, has written a much-needed book on the role of the interim pastor. He discusses the duties involved and how the interim pastor should prayerfully and diligently carry them out. He challenges interim pastors to focus on their biblical responsibilities and to steward them well. I will definitely be ordering copies to give away to every interim pastor in my association.

Dr. Ray Gentry
President/CEO, Southern Baptist Conference of Associational Leaders.

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