Author: Dr. Tony Wolfe

Director of Pastor | Church Relations for the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC). Follower of Jesus. Husband. Father. Pastor. Author.

Laurel, Yanny and the Word of God

A few months ago social media platforms lit up with a controversial sound byte containing one simple word: “Laurel.” Or was it “Yanny?” For reasons beyond my comprehension, my wife heard Yanny and I heard Laurel while listening to the same sound clip at the same time, sitting right next to one another. Repeatedly. Seventeen years of marriage and I…

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Happy Juneteenth

Happy Juneteenth, to my Texas African-American brothers and sisters. On this day 153 years ago (June 19, 1865) the news of President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was delivered on the shores of Galveston, TX, effectively ending slavery in the state.  General Granger’s words: “The people of Texas are informed that in accordance with a Proclamation from the Executive of the United…

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Workers Ahead: Dads Building Homes

Living in Fort Worth, TX, where things are always under construction but never fully constructed, I’ve learned to accept the good news and the bad news of I-35W. The bad news: traffic fines double when workers are present. The good news: workers are never present. As a Dad, my home is always under construction but never fully constructed. Just when…

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What’s In A Nickname?

My real name is Anthony but my whole life people have called me Tony. No worries, though. I like Tony. In fact, if you call me Anthony, my first instinct is to think (a) I’m in trouble or (b) you don’t know me that well. Three of my brothers also had nicknames when we were growing up. Our friends called…

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Memorializing the Fallen

Today, let us remember that the value of our nation’s heritage is built atop the blood of soldiers who paid the ultimate price. Let us remember that we are who we are on the shoulders of those who have died to procure and to preserve the values of our country.

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