Christmas Devotion (Day 3 – σκηνόω)

Christmas Words Devotion (Day 3). “σκηνόω – For hundreds of years, Israel sent an offering with a representative into the tabernacle to meet with God on their behalf. Now, in the birth of the Messiah, God offered himself to his people to tabernacle among them directly. The mediator himself became the place of meeting.” READ MORE…

Christmas Devotion – Day 2 (σάρξ)

NEW BLOG POST: “The greatest gift anyone can receive this Christmas season is that God wrapped himself in flesh to become one of us, with us so that he could satisfy his own wrath against us, instead of us, for us.”

Christmas Devotion (Day 1 – λόγος)

NEW BLOG POST: “The long-awaited promise of God’s incarnate presence (Isaiah 7:14) was fulfilled when the λόγος wrapped himself in human flesh and stepped into human history through the womb of a human virgin.”

“Christmas Words” 5-Day Devotional (12.20-24, 2020)

“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. We observed his glory, the glory as the one and only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14 John’s account of the nativity of Christ is the most concise of the gospel writers, but it is pregnant with doctrinal gravity and timely practicality. Visit the blog for 5…

Faith Over Fear?

Is faith the opposite of fear? Perhaps. But only when that faith is firmly anchored in Christ while is demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit, loving people, and finding expression in sound judgment. If faith is to overcome fear it must be more than a clever saying. How is your faith in Christ being displayed through the fear of this pandemic?

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