Mile Markers

Wolfe, Anthony D. Mile Markers: Stages of Growth Along the Journey Toward Spiritual Maturity. Castle Rock, CO: Crosslink Publishing, 2016.

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Mile Markers is a biblical treatment of stages of spiritual growth. Its main purpose is to develop biblical, evaluative measurements for believers in Jesus Christ against which they can periodically measure their own progress in the faith. Many books on spiritual growth focus on how to grow spiritually, and Mile Markers does include some “Best Practices” toward that end. But the reality is that many Christians practice spiritual disciplines regularly, yet still are not sure if their faith is stronger today than it was in years past. How do we know if we are growing up in Christ? What does it look like to mature in the faith? These questions form the basis for the content of Mile Markers.

I cannot promise that if you read Mile Markers you will magically mature in the faith. But I can promise you these two things: if you walk through the book diligently (1) you will be equipped with the tools necessary to evaluate where you currently are, spiritually and (2) you will come away with some very practical things to work on as you lean into maturity on the journey ahead of you.

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Yours in Christ, Dr. Tony Wolfe


The Mile Markers book has been reviewed and endorsed by many pastors, theologians, and Christian Education professionals. See below for some of these endorsements.


“How does one determine whether he is an infant in Christ or a mature Christian? Those discussions occur within the church family, and they should because they are difficult. Tony Wolfe has mixed thorough biblical knowledge together with years of pastoral achievement and has given us Mile Markers: Stages of Growth on the Journey Toward Spiritual Maturity. Wolfe recognizes that spiritual maturity is something, which, though never fully achieved, must be the goal of every believer. Recognizing the markers along the way is essential. This is one of the better books that I have seen on spiritual maturity. Read it for your own growth and for what you share with others.”

Dr. Paige Patterson • President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Tony offers an excellent approach to spiritual maturity that is highly biblical, and leaves the reader with practical tools by which to grow in his spirituality. Mile Markers is deeply rooted in Scripture, and clearly explains God’s design for the believer to grow from childhood to adulthood, while also highlighting the pitfalls that so often entangle us. Every pastor ought to have a copy of Tony’s book on his shelf.”

Jared Wellman • Pastor, Mission Dorado Baptist Church: Odessa, TX

“Tony Wolfe has produced an insightful, practical guide to move believers in Jesus to a higher level of spiritual maturity. This book is practical, spiritual, and most of all biblically based. I encourage you to read it and grow.”

Dr. Jim Richards • Executive Director, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

“Mile Markers is not your typical book about developing a strategy for spiritual growth. Most spiritual growth books focus on the “nuts and bolts” or the “how to’s” of accomplishing growth in our life. Dr. Wolfe gives us a snapshot of what spiritual growth looks like with a biblical foundation and motivation, followed with practical tips and insightful strategies to help you grow in your faith.”

Dr. Michael Criner • Pastor, First Baptist Church: Bellville, TX

“If you are serious about going further in your walk with Christ, Mile Markers is a must read! Through the lens of scripture, Dr. Wolfe clearly articulates the stages of growth as you walk the road of spiritual maturity. I have known Tony for years and have seen firsthand the principles of Mile Markers exemplified in his life. I encourage you to not only read this book, but apply these principles to your life and allow it to be a resource for your spiritual growth journey. It is well worth your time!”

Dr. Nathan Lorick • Director of Evangelism, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

“I grew up doing construction with my father who was a contractor. I observed how excited he would get whenever a new tool came out. The tool made his job easier and more effective. In my many years of being a pastor, I desired someone to write a book that would serve as a new tool to evaluate spiritual growth in the life of believer. This new tool would make living the Christ-life more effective. In his book, Mile Markers: Stages of Growth Along the Journey Toward Spiritual Maturity, Tony Wolfe has done just that. With great passion, Tony Wolfe describes how a believer moves from being a “spiritual child” who has just experienced the new birth to “spiritual adulthood”. He zero’s in on some “mile markers” that serve as valuable evaluation tools for mapping a believer’s journey toward maturity in the Christian life. His book is designed to be used in all styles of small group settings from Sunday School to every type of home group. It is one thing to theorize and discuss spiritual principles of growth, but it is quite rare to find someone who has captured a way to measure that growth. These practical guidelines will help any church, pastor, or believer. I highly encourage everyone to read this book because it will maximize your effectiveness in living the Christ life.”

Dr. Bill Jones • Director of Missions, Neches River Baptist Association: Crockett, TX

“Tony Wolfe beacons the call for all believers to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through Mile Markers. In a culture that runs from responsibility and accountability Tony gives proven insight from Scripture to engage believers in their personal growth with Jesus Christ. This book is practical and helpful for the building of one’s faith, and to encourage them to go farther than they have ever imagined in their walk with Christ Jesus. I pray that as you read this book you are challenged to have a deep abiding walk with Jesus.”

Heath Peloquin • Director of Pastor/Church Relations, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

“During these days many are convinced that American Christianity is two miles wide and two inches deep.  Tony Wolfe rises to address this condition with Mile Markers.  Any believer or group that will study and apply these principles will go deeper as well as wider in their walk with Jesus Christ.  If you want to get beyond a surface relationship with Christ, then dig in with Tony and roll past these Mile Markers.”

Dr. Jimmy Pritchard • Pastor, First Baptist Church Forney, TX

“Few would deny that our churches are full of spiritually immature people. This is the choke point of ministry, evangelism, stewardship and unity in the body of Christ. Pastor Tony Wolfe has produced a resource that will help any church address that issue. I love it because it is biblical rather than therapeutic. A couple, a small group, a staff or a church that works through this manual will be led through Scripture toward spiritually maturity. That spiritual growth will transform your life, your family and your church.”

Dr. Gary Ledbetter • Director of Communications and Ministry Relationships, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

“Please consider Tony’s definition of what is, and what is not, spiritual growth. Of all things I want to say about this book, I will summarize by saying our staff will have read and studied it before it is ever on the bookshelf. Thank you, Tony, for reminding me that biblical spiritual growth occurs through the power of God and in the community of the people of God.”

Zach Nicholson • Family Minister, Sagemont Church Houston, TX

“I can state this one thing with confidence for every follower of Jesus….you need to grow. While you may be further down the road in your spiritual journey than ever before, you must confess that you have not arrived or by any means achieved perfection in your faith. Are you growing? Tony Wolfe has written a book that will give you a better understanding of where you are in the journey and what it will take to propel your faith forward. Mile Markers is not only a great resource to fuel your personal growth but also serves as an excellent resource for groups to move forward in the journey together with thoughtful discussion questions and content. I commend this book to you with confidence that it will draw you closer to Jesus and help you to mature in your faith.”

Dr. Steve R. Parr • Vice President of Staff-Coordination and Development, Georgia Baptist Convention

“There is no subject more popular in today’s Christian circles than “discipleship”.   In Mile Markers, Tony Wolfe has given us a through look at discipleship.    As we grow physically, God wants us to grow spiritually.  As we grow physically, we can see the progress made as we inch taller and stronger.   So it should be in our spiritual development.  Mile Markers gives us some ideas of how this is to work.   Tony shares, it is God’s desire for us to grow spiritually and that it is a spiritual battle as Satan does not want Christians to grow spiritually. Tony give us some ideas of how growth occurs within the confines of relationships.  He shares that small groups are necessary if a person is to really grow.  While cooperate worship is of great value, He shares an example of a couple who got saved and came to worship, but refused to get involved in a Sunday School class only to later talk about how they did not feel they were growing and the church was aloof.  In the context of relationships, people are challenged and encouraged to read the Bible more, pray more, share their faith more and even give more.  As a Christian, we are encouraged to continue on the journey of growth in Christ. Then as a fellow believer we are to get involved in Ministry, in sharing our faith, and helping others to achieve the mile markers of their spiritual Growth.  Any Christian will be encouraged and enlightened by this book.”

Dr. Mark Yoakum • Director of Church Ministries, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention