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Criticism and Ridicule in Religious Warfare

“No spirit is more destructive than the spirit of censorious or belittling criticism… Ridicule is a poor weapon in religious warfare.”

– I.J. Van Ness, The Baptist Spirit (1914)

Get the Most out of Your Bible Reading Today

If you’re like me, sometimes regular Bible reading can feel more like a daily habit than a daily grace. How do you get your heart back into your Bible reading? Here are five suggestions.

Preaching for Change. Leading from the Pulpit.

“Pastor, the weekly preaching task is an intense responsibility. But it is such a great joy as well. Intercede for your people. Listen well. Communicate with clarity. Empower them. Love them. You are far from perfect, but you are God’s chosen leader of this covenant community. Your people are on a journey, and part of the leader’s joy is to guide them on the path God has set before them.” READ MORE…

The Responsibility of Information: Reputable News Sources vs. Opinion Pieces

When we read a buzzword or phrase that catches our attention, we often believe the source before we investigate or evaluate the truthfulness of what is being said. And when we believe the worst of our excitable impressions, our hearts explode with nuclear options before our brains have time to process the truth of the matter.

Biblical Inerrancy: Contending for the Faith in Every Generation

“It is foolish, and altogether self-destructive, that we might proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ while simultaneously undermining the biblical record from which we have come to know it.” READ MORE…

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