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Your Church is Changing. How will you face the change?

NEW BLOG POST: You may have gotten by, to this point, without confronting this truth. But there is no more denying it. Like many generational crises in our history, COVID19 is a generation-shaping event. Change is here, whether you are ready for it or not. As your church is in the regathering stage, you are noticing that some things are vastly different than before. How will you face the change?

TOP 3 Articles of 2019

I thought I would cap off 2019 by re-sharing my three most popular articles of the year. With great anticipation toward 2020, here is a TOP-3 flashback from 2019…

We’ve Never Done It This Way Before

“We’ve never done it this way before.” The old joke is that these words are ostensibly Baptistic and are the usual evidence of an impending church decline. It is true that refusal to change our methods while the culture around us constantly shifts is a sure death sentence for the church; the message of the gospel never changes, while our…

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