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Noel: Great Wonders through Unlikely People

The wonder of Christ’s incarnation should cause all of our souls to leap for joy in these cradles of flesh. Yes, because of the magnitude of the grace of God who tabernacled with us. But also, even if only in some small way, to know that God often works through the unlikliest of people to accomplish the greatest of wonders. Unlikely people like you and me are on every page of God’s redemptive story unfolding through the generations.

Christmas Devotion (Day 5 – μονογενής)

“The wonder of this moment can only be matched by the gravity of its implications. Only Jesus Christ could bridge the gap between man’s sinfulness and God’s holiness. Only he could mediate eternally between God and man. He is the only one. He is the μονογενής.”

Christmas Devotion (Day 4 – δόξα)

Christmas Devotion Day 4 – “δόξα – How could a human word embody the brightness, the radiance, the weightiness, and the pervasiveness of God’s eternal glory? Truly, a human word cannot. But the heavenly Word can. The heavenly λόγος perfectly embodied the glory of God that a human word could never fully convey.” READ MORE…

Christmas Devotion (Day 3 – σκηνόω)

Christmas Words Devotion (Day 3). “σκηνόω – For hundreds of years, Israel sent an offering with a representative into the tabernacle to meet with God on their behalf. Now, in the birth of the Messiah, God offered himself to his people to tabernacle among them directly. The mediator himself became the place of meeting.” READ MORE…

Christmas Devotion – Day 2 (σάρξ)

NEW BLOG POST: “The greatest gift anyone can receive this Christmas season is that God wrapped himself in flesh to become one of us, with us so that he could satisfy his own wrath against us, instead of us, for us.”

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