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Steady Christian Hope in Fluctuant Political Waves

We should vote and work at all times that the righteousness of heaven would be reflected in the laws of men. But we must be ever mindful of these fluctuant waves that compose the shifting terrain of our Christian politic. Our hope is not in a political party, a political candidate, or a political system. The governance of men could never comprehensively reflect the righteousness of heaven. And there is our citizenship—beyond the waves, beyond the horizon. Ours is an onward and upward call. A relentless pursuit of the personal and corporate perfection that will be ours to claim “when the Son of Man comes in his glory.” 

Godless Nations

Habakkuk 1:5-11 On Wednesday evenings, we are studying through the OT Book of Habakkuk. Last Wednesday night, we began with vs 1-4. Habakkuk’s major concern was that God seemed inactive amid the devastating injustice that was rampant inside his nation. Verse 4 is very important.  “This is why the law is ineffective and justice never emerges. For the wicked restrict the righteous; therefore, justice comes…

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