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God can.

when your rhythm feels off and you find yourself tripping through the day, remember that even when you can’t hear it God is making beautiful music in the rhythms of your life. Pray that he might give you ears to hear. And pray that in every moment when you feel like you just can’t, God will give you the faith to believe again that he can.

Draw Near

“Many Christians go through their whole lives treating God like someone they know from a distance. But God doesn’t want you to know Him from a distance. He wants you to know Him up close.”

A Shepherd’s Balance

       When I was a kid, there were balance beams at almost every playground. I don’t see many of those today. All the twisted ankles and broken femurs probably had something to do with that. So like lawn darts and tetherballs, playground balance beams have become relics of our past. Too bad, really. Walking the balance beam at…

5 Joys of Being a Pastor (Mountaintop Moments)

I keep seeing articles listing the woes and struggles of pastors. While the pastorate is often extremely difficult, stretching the fabric of a man’s soul, it is also often full of mountaintop moments. I thought I’d add to this conversation a list of some of the greatest joys of being a pastor… Mountaintop Moments… Watching the power of the gospel…

3 Sure Ways to FAIL as a Spiritual Leader

I believe some leaders are born. Some are made. Some rise to an occasion, seemingly out of nowhere. “Summoned,” I guess one could say. Such was the case with King Jeroboam. In 1 Kings 12:2-3, Jeroboam “stayed in Egypt. But the people summoned him.” He rose to a great opportunity, then ruined it as quickly as he had risen to it.…

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