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Laurel, Yanny and the Word of God

A few months ago social media platforms lit up with a controversial sound byte containing one simple word: “Laurel.” Or was it “Yanny?” For reasons beyond my comprehension, my wife heard Yanny and I heard Laurel while listening to the same sound clip at the same time, sitting right next to one another. Repeatedly. Seventeen years of marriage and I…

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Receive the Word

How do you receive the word of God? It is an awe-inspiring truth that God speaks to us through the pages of the Bible. Those words were breathed from the mouth of God by the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, were penned by servants of His great grace, and have been protected and preserved now for thousands of years…

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What is the Bible About?

Seems like a silly question at first, but I believe many Christians today read their Bibles (well, at least the ones that are reading their Bibles) from the wrong vantage point. To some, it has become a self-help book, and to others, a historical narrative providing allegorical meaning to their own lives. The pervading idea is that scripture is about me,…

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