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9 Barriers to Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a normal part of the human experience. Here are 9 common barriers to conflict resolution. The list is not exhaustive, but perhaps it will help us all understand a little better how to interact with opposing viewpoints in healthy conflict-dialogue that lends itself to resolution over perpetuity.

The 4 C’s of Effective Communication

“We live in a culture of many words and many communication platforms across which to spread them. But many words across many platforms do not effective communication make. Here are four characteristics of a word on wheels. The 4 C’s of effective communication…”

8 Leadership Lessons Coming Out of COVID

Great leaders understand the connection between crisis and opportunity. Whether you lead an organization, a business, a church, or a team within a larger organization, here are “8 Leadership Lessons Coming Out of COVID19.”

Preaching for Change. Leading from the Pulpit.

“Pastor, the weekly preaching task is an intense responsibility. But it is such a great joy as well. Intercede for your people. Listen well. Communicate with clarity. Empower them. Love them. You are far from perfect, but you are God’s chosen leader of this covenant community. Your people are on a journey, and part of the leader’s joy is to guide them on the path God has set before them.” READ MORE…

Let “Why?” Rule the Day

“Right motivation produces the right plans. Right plans are accomplished by the right activities. Right activities that accomplish the right plans satisfy the right motivations.”

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