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Lift Your Eyes

“A lifted head will perceive the immediate through the lens of the eternal; these eyes peer through the urgency of every moment, upward, into the hope of the One who holds eternity.”

Don’t Rush the Waiting

What if waiting on God produces something within you that quick relief could never produce? What if the purpose of the pain is not in the deliverance, but in the waiting itself? What if the greatest promises of God are not to be experienced on the other side of the mountain, but in the thick of the valley on your way there?

Exercising Wisdom on Social Media

Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter can be a great blessing at times. But in some ways they have done untold damage to the art of interpersonal interaction. Not only do people generally feel more secure behind a keyboard than face to face, but also, important aspects of effective communication are easily lost. Very little of communication consists of…

We’ve Never Done It This Way Before

“We’ve never done it this way before.” The old joke is that these words are ostensibly Baptistic and are the usual evidence of an impending church decline. It is true that refusal to change our methods while the culture around us constantly shifts is a sure death sentence for the church; the message of the gospel never changes, while our…

The New Self

The goal of your saving faith is that you mature – grow up – in Christ. Paul speaks plainly to the Ephesian church about this, in language that demands a change. You can come to Christ as you are… but you can’t stay there. Genuine faith in Jesus Christ will change you from the day of your new birth to…

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