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While In Crete (Book Release)

A church in pastoral transition needs an interim leader with biblical conviction, strategic influence, and a shepherd’s heart. In While in Crete, Dr. Wolfe offers a faithful biblical exposition of the New Testament book of Titus, with illustration and application focused on the interim pastorate.

TOP 3 Articles of 2019

I thought I would cap off 2019 by re-sharing my three most popular articles of the year. With great anticipation toward 2020, here is a TOP-3 flashback from 2019…

3 Common Mistakes Pastor Search Committees Make

A church in pastoral transition is in an important and delicate season. How a church walks together through pastoral transition carries the potential of either unifying the body or dividing it. The weight on the shoulders of a Pastor Search Committee is intense. And they feel it constantly. It is my joy, at the SBTC, to lead the department that…

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