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Healing for a Sorrowful Soul

“My life is down in the dust; give me life through your word. I told you about my life, and you answered me; teach me your statutes. Help me understand the meaning of your precepts so that I can meditate on your wonders. I am weary from grief; strengthen me through your word.” (Psalm 119:25-28) Sorrow of the soul is…

Don’t Rush the Waiting

What if waiting on God produces something within you that quick relief could never produce? What if the purpose of the pain is not in the deliverance, but in the waiting itself? What if the greatest promises of God are not to be experienced on the other side of the mountain, but in the thick of the valley on your way there?

Living in Babylon

Some mornings I wake up and silently ask myself, “Where am I?” The country I knew in my childhood is, in many ways, only a shadow of a memory. Racial bigotry, moral demise, political unrest, economic upheaval, and religious syncretism have become standard. Normal. Some of this change can be attributed to a widening perspective that comes with age, I admit.…

Prayer for the President-Elect

Early this morning Americans received the official news that Donald Trump will become the 45th President of these United States, with Mike Pence by his side as VP. Whether you feel elated by this news or devastated by it, the truth remains that these two men will hold the two highest offices in our land beginning January 20, 2017. Over the…

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