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Be a Better Listener Today

The simple gift of listening can build bridges and open doors in even the most delicate of conversations. Listening well can deepen relationships, shape emotions and inform decisions. Most know this. And most believe they listen well. But do you really? Which of these 10 suggestions do you need to work on today to become a better listener?

9 Barriers to Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a normal part of the human experience. Here are 9 common barriers to conflict resolution. The list is not exhaustive, but perhaps it will help us all understand a little better how to interact with opposing viewpoints in healthy conflict-dialogue that lends itself to resolution over perpetuity.

Lift Your Eyes

“A lifted head will perceive the immediate through the lens of the eternal; these eyes peer through the urgency of every moment, upward, into the hope of the One who holds eternity.”

5 Joys of Being a Pastor (Mountaintop Moments)

I keep seeing articles listing the woes and struggles of pastors. While the pastorate is often extremely difficult, stretching the fabric of a man’s soul, it is also often full of mountaintop moments. I thought I’d add to this conversation a list of some of the greatest joys of being a pastor… Mountaintop Moments… Watching the power of the gospel…

Personality, Position, and Integrity

“The one who lives with integrity lives securely, but whoever perverts his ways will be found out.” Proverbs 10:9 Do you know anyone with a big personality? I have several friends whose personalities larger than life. Everywhere they go people are drawn to them like a magnet. What a gift! I thank God for my friends with big personalities. But…

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