Spiritual Preparation for Re-Gathering the Church

Pastor, no doubt you are waist-deep in developing a strategy for re-gathering as a church body. Let’s be equally as diligent about preparing our people spiritually for this moment as we are about preparing our buildings and schedules for it.

How to Pray Your Pastor Through Social Distancing

NEW BLOG POST: Here are 13 things your pastor is most likely feeling right now. The struggle is real. Will you pray your pastor through social distancing?

Moving Forward Re: COVID-19 and the Church

“A list of anticipations through which churches need to be thinking and strategizing considering the upcoming weeks and months of ministry.” READ MORE…

What would it take to start a new national convention?

What would it take to start a new national convention? What we need: A statement of faith narrow enough to lay down primary doctrines but broad enough to allow for secondary graces. A lock-tight, voluntary giving mechanism by which churches can pool their resources to fund missionaries, train the next generation of leaders, plant new churches, and strengthen existing churches.…

3 Common Mistakes Pastor Search Committees Make

A church in pastoral transition is in an important and delicate season. How a church walks together through pastoral transition carries the potential of either unifying the body or dividing it. The weight on the shoulders of a Pastor Search Committee is intense. And they feel it constantly. It is my joy, at the SBTC, to lead the department that…

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