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Spiritual Preparation for Re-Gathering the Church

Pastor, no doubt you are waist-deep in developing a strategy for re-gathering as a church body. Let’s be equally as diligent about preparing our people spiritually for this moment as we are about preparing our buildings and schedules for it.

Is the SBC Headed Back Toward Theological Liberalism?

“The Southern Baptist Convention is not a parachurch organization with an incorporated top-down org chart. The SBC is a fellowship of autonomous churches whose decision making power is vested completely in the collective body, from the bottom-up.”

The Responsibility of Information: Reputable News Sources vs. Opinion Pieces

When we read a buzzword or phrase that catches our attention, we often believe the source before we investigate or evaluate the truthfulness of what is being said. And when we believe the worst of our excitable impressions, our hearts explode with nuclear options before our brains have time to process the truth of the matter.

Biblical Inerrancy: Contending for the Faith in Every Generation

“It is foolish, and altogether self-destructive, that we might proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ while simultaneously undermining the biblical record from which we have come to know it.” READ MORE…

What would it take to start a new national convention?

What would it take to start a new national convention? What we need: A statement of faith narrow enough to lay down primary doctrines but broad enough to allow for secondary graces. A lock-tight, voluntary giving mechanism by which churches can pool their resources to fund missionaries, train the next generation of leaders, plant new churches, and strengthen existing churches.…

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