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Church Will Never Be the Same Again re: COVID19

“Social Distancing and shelter-in-place ordinances that have arisen from this COVID19 pandemic are challenging the shape of church as we know it. Not the message, not the importance, not the mission. Just the shape – the how behind the what and the why. This is temporary (prayerfully), but its impact is, and will be, further reaching than you might think. We need to start asking the right questions today, if we expect to have the right answers tomorrow.” READ MORE…

GUEST BLOG (Russ Barksdale): Triage for Churches during the COVID 19 Pandemic

GUEST BLOG (Russ Barksdale): Triage for Churches during the COVID 19 Pandemic. Eight Initiatives you can begin or enhance to help strengthen your church for the now and the future. READ MORE…

Moving Forward Re: COVID-19 and the Church

“A list of anticipations through which churches need to be thinking and strategizing considering the upcoming weeks and months of ministry.” READ MORE…

Guest Blog: Encouragement & Ideas for Online Worship/Community (Dave Carroll, SBTC Worship Associate)

GUEST BLOG (Dave Carroll, SBTC): “You have a greater opportunity to reach the world with the message of Jesus than ever before… Do not be paralyzed. Decide to propel your church to reach more people than you ever.”

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