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A pastorless season in a church is one of the most vulnerable seasons of congregational life. It is not uncommon that a convergence of power plays, relational tensions, disorganization, spiritual immaturity, disunity, inconsistency, poor communication and much more might distract the congregation’s focus away from its Great Commission priority. A church in pastoral transition needs an interim leader with biblical conviction, strategic influence, and a shepherd’s heart. 

In While in Crete, Dr. Wolfe offers a faithful biblical exposition of the New Testament book of Titus, with illustration and application focused on the interim pastorate. He draws on years of personal experience in both serving as an interim pastor and training interim pastors to compliment biblical principles with practical advice.

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As Lifeway’s Dr. Mark Dance writes in the Foreword, ministry is the only occupation that requires couples to win both at work and at home. “Your ministry,” writes Dance, “will never be stronger than your marriage.” Be Encouraged (for pastors and wives) is an affirmation of God’s special calling on and love for ministry couples. Husbands and wives who do ministry as a team are real people with real problems, too, and they need encouragement as much as anyone else. Tony and Vanessa share seven powerful words of encouragement in this book for those chosen by God to love and lead his church.

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Humans are social by design. We were created for community. But because we are all real people who have real problems, doing life together with others is complicated and often difficult. Going Social is a walk through Proverbs Chapter 18, verse by verse, with a built-in optional daily journaling exercise. Whether you are a Christian or not, you will find the wisdom of this book immediately applicable. As you learn and apply these principles for life together, you will take steps toward building and maintaining healthy relationships at work, at home, among friends and online. These are life lessons in communication, motivation and interpersonal interaction. These are tips for social living that will change your life. These are ancient secrets for contemporary relationships.

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A Deacon On Purpose

What is a deacon, and why is he important to the health of the New Testament church? In this short, easy-to-read book, four essential purposes of the deacon are derived from Scripture, employing Acts 6:1-7 as a case study.  What are the four purposes? Lead by Example, Serve the People, Support the Pastor/Staff, and Protect the Peace. With questions for group reflection and discussion at the end of every chapter (“session”), A Deacon on Purpose is designed to be used as a group-study for deacons or deacon bodies in the local church.

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Mile Markers is a biblical treatment of stages of spiritual growth. Its main purpose is to develop biblical, evaluative measurements for believers in Jesus Christ against which they can periodically measure their own progress in the faith. Many books on spiritual growth focus on how to grow spiritually, and Mile Markers does include some “Best Practices” toward that end. But the reality is that many Christians practice spiritual disciplines regularly, yet still are not sure if their faith is stronger today than it was in years past. How do we know if we are growing up in Christ? What does it look like to mature in the faith? These questions form the basis for the content of Mile Markers.

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This short book is an easy-to-read, affordable resource for Small Group Leaders in the local church. It covers seven essential elements of small group leadership including praying for your people, teaching the content, not wasting time, being engaging in delivery, being intentional about fellowship, keeping connected, and being missional. Each of these seven essentials are rooted in Scripture, briefly explained, and supplemented with practical tips for improvement. I invite you to use this book as a resource for your own personal growth as a Small Group Leader in your local church, or as a guide for Small Group Leader training in your local church. Follow the links below to order.

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